Steeple Lighting
Keeping Gods Light Shining

Please consider donating to keep our steeple light shining in memory
or in honor of a loved one, or to commemorate a special event.
A contribution of $35 a month can help. To Light our Steeple for
a month of dedication, contact us at
info@amesburyunion.org or call 978-388-0631


April 2022


Given by Steve Klomps, Diane Moore, and Bob Labadini:

In loving memory of the life of Margo P. Labadini 


March 2022​

Given by Carol Pennick:

In loving memory of my husband, Joseph James Pennick.


February & March 2022​

Given by Laurie Kulik:

In loving memory of my dad, Frank Kulik.


January 2022​

Given by Sally Nutt:

In loving memory of my mom and dad, Joan and Harold Nutt.

December 2021

​Given by Brenda Pazzanese and Carol Pennick

For Tilly, Mia and Bentley.

Given by Mary Wilson

In honor of Florence Ruth Wilson.

Given by Dolly Brown

In Loving Memory of my husband Don.