Steeple Lighting

Please consider donating to keep our steeple light shining in memory

or in honor of a loved one, or to commemorate a special event.

A contribution of $35 a month can help. If you would like to reserve

a month of dedication, contact Carol Glenn at 978- 821-2540.

March/April 2021


Given in Memory of  Lisa Ward's beloved Bella, by Janet Howell. March/April 2020

Winter 2020-2021

Given by Diane Moore and Steve Klomps in Memory of Margo Labadini.


Given by the Members of the Union Congregational Church in Loving Memory of Margo Labadini, Jack Davidson, Betty Goodwin, and Larry Hussey.


Given by Dolly Brown in memory of Edwin H. Scammon, Shirley Eaton, Shirley Hartman, Clearice Cenquagrana, and John Lallemere.

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