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Article V
From Our
Constitution and Bylaws; 2/6/2022

     5.1 Qualifications


     This Church will welcome any who love the Lord, Jesus Christ and who purpose to live according to His law of love.


     5.2 Conditions


     The Union Congressional Church will welcome into its membership any person who has been baptized and who on application for membership; by confession of faith, by reaffirmation of faith, or by letter of transfer, and having been approved by the Church Council is willing to affirm the Covenant of this Church.


     5.3 Responsibility of Membership


     Members shall endeavor to attend the regular worship of the Church and the celebration of the Lord’s supper to live the Christian life; to share in the life and work of the Church; to contribute to its support and missions, and to seek diligently the spiritual welfare of the membership and the community.


     5.4 Method of Receiving New Members


     All persons desiring to become members of the Church shall present their names through some member of the Church or through the Pastor, who shall propose the name(s) to the Church Council which shall act on the application and, meeting with its approval, the persons named shall be received by one of the following procedures.


5.4.1 On Confession of Christian faith receiving the sacrament of baptism if not previously baptized, and                             participating in an appropriate service for their reception, including the giving of the right hand of                               fellowship and a certificate of membership.


5.4.2 By presenting a satisfactory Letter of Transfer from another church, by subscribing to the Covenant of the                   Church and by joining with the congregation in the above service (see Section 5.4.1)


5.4.3 On reaffirmation of Faith, Such persons shall be received according to the same procedure as for those united             with the Church by Confession of faith.

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