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Challenging Times and New Beginnings

Hi everyone! Deacon Bob here. The New Year has brought many changes, from the diminishing threat of Covid 19 to the horrible attack on the nation and people of Ukraine. Let us all pray that both the pandemic and Russia’s war on a peaceful people ends soon.

We have had some alterations here at our little church. We have changed our affiliation from the United Church of Christ to the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. Our membership feels that the NACCC more closely reflects our church’s original congregational foundation and fellowship. Congregationalism’s roots run back to the original Plymouth Plantation church, the Pilgrims, and the first independent church on American soil. We cherish and are proud of this connection. If you are interested in finding out more about what I’m referring to follow this link, Understanding the Congregational Way ( .

We are also happy and proud to announce that our church has a new minister. Scott Chase has been called and has excepted the position as our Pastor. Scott has been leading our Sunday Services following the retirement of our beloved Pastor Lucy Blood last year. Scott’s qualifications include a master’s degree in Theology, and he is currently working on his doctoral dissertation in Religion. Scott has travelled extensively in the Holy Land working on various archeological sites. He often includes interesting anecdotes of his experiences in his sermons. I have worked closely with Scott these last several months and found him to be a caring, devoted, and loving friend. I recommend attending one of our Sunday Services soon to feel his experience, straight, and hope in person, but if you are unable to attend check out our Sunday Service live-stream here on our web site.

Spring is coming and with God’s grace may we all have a wonderful new beginning!

Till next time,

Love, Peace, and Blessings!

Deacon Bob


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